Frederick Christian AcademyWhere Jesus Christ is the Heart of Our Teaching


“I have been sending my daughter, Kennedy, to FCA for 10 years. Not only has my daughter developed close relationships with the faculty and staff, but I have as well. As a parent, I feel confident that the staff and faculty encourage my child to live a Christ-centered life. The values, morals and principles are the foundation of the teaching aspect at FCA. At FCA, we are not just students or parents; we are family. I could not imagine sending Kennedy to a different school. FCA has been a blessing to us.”

Ruth Thompson

“Our daughter has been enrolled in Frederick Christian Academy since ninth grade, and she will graduate this year. She has received an education far superior to anything offered in public school, and she has also participated in the school’s outstanding sports program. FCA’s teachers, coaches, and administrative staff are the finest we have ever been associated with, and they truly care about the students. We highly recommend FCA to any family looking for an alternative to public education.”

Bill and Kristine Wilkes

“We appreciate the devotion that is given to each student by the administration, faculty, and staff. Every child is made to feel special and is encouraged to grow spiritually and academically.”

Daniel and Heidi Krupicka

“Frederick Christian Academy is a phenomenal school. My son started Kindergarten at FCA and I was so impressed. This is his second year at the school and I am still pleased. He has grown academically and spiritually. The faculty and staff are excellent and spiritually blessed. Each student is treated as a unique individual. I would highly recommend FCA to prospective parents who would like a well-rounded education for their child/children.”

Yatta Quire

“My daughter attends Frederick Christian Academy. She’s only 4; however, she attended two previous schools and was not excited about going to school. She’s upset now when she can’t go to FCA on the weekends. She loves her school. The curriculum is outstanding; she even quotes her Bible verses. The staff is very, very friendly and very supportive. FCA provides a wonderful, safe, and encouraging learning environment.”

Jenise Harris

“We have two children enrolled at Frederick Christian Academy and we are so pleased with the education they are receiving. There is an attitude of respect that is fostered in this school – respect for oneself, respect for other students, respect for teachers, and respect for the Lord. In addition, we believe the children are really learning how to be good students – to be responsible, to be forward-thinking, and to be proud of their work. Lastly, our children are just happy kids attending FCA and we are so thankful for this school.”

Bill and Michelle Stanton