FNP: Honor Roll Listing (Q1-2, 2016-2017)

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The following students have been named to the honor roll for the second marking period of the 2016-2017 school year at Frederick Christian Academy:

Principal’s list — Grade one: Funmi Amusa, Parker Coblentz, Abel Pau, Max Romero and Madelyn Wrenn; grade two: Jude Annor and Jacob Honnold; grade three: Christiaan Durham and Jonathan Young; grade four: Janel Morrisey; grade five: Adam Cubbage; grade six: Nathaniel Pigatt; grade seven: Allison Rhea; grade eight: Justin Morrisey and David Ramler; grade nine: Spenser Hoover and Jon Pigatt; grade 11:Henry Koffman, Joanna Pigatt and Laceyann Riggs; grade 12: Caleb Corselius and Sonal Matharu.

Distinguished Honors list — grade one: Eris Foshee and Kelsey Ryan; grade two: Josh Foshee, Christopher Jones and Jax Johnson-Lincoln; grade three: Xenia Quire; grade five: Anna Parker, Johana Thomas and Abby Young; grade six: Sadie Ryan; grade eight: Annalise Hart, Nathan Parker and Douglas McClure; grade nine: Jaedin Urgent-Chapple; grade 10: JJ Morrisey; grade 11: Hannah Cardosi; grade 12:Aksha Matharu and Samantha Rhea.

Honor roll — grade two: Isaiah Ohio; grade five: Jonathan Annor and Philip Salsi; grade six: Reagan Krupicka; grade nine: Thomas Riggs; grade 12: Rose Ramler.

FNP: Honor Roll Listing (Q3 2015-2016)

The following students have been named to the honor roll for the third marking period of the 2015-2016 school year at Frederick Christian Academy:

Principal’s List: Grade one: Jude Annor, Joshua Foshee, Olivia Guilford, Jacob Honnold, Jaxson Johnson-Lincoln, Christopher Jones, Isaiah Ohio; Grade two: Matthew Cubbage, Christiaan Durham, Xenia Quire, Jonathan Young; Grade three: Janel Morrisey; Grade four: Adam Cubbage, Philip Salsi, Johana Thomas, Abigail Young; Grade five: Nathaniel Pigatt, Sadie Ryan; Grade six: Allison Rhea; Grade seven: Justin Morrisey, David Ramler; Grade eight: Jacob Grimm, Spenser Hoover, Jon Pigatt; Grade nine: J.J. Morrisey; Grade 10: Henry Koffman, Joanna Pigatt, Laceyann Riggs; Grade 11: Caleb Corselius; Grade 12: Amelia Budd, Joseph Koffman.

Distinguished Honors List: Grade four: Jonathan Annor Phillip Kirillov, Anna Parker, Michael Santamaria; Grade six: Gregory Quire; Grade seven: Brandon Evans, Nathan Parker; Grade 10: Hannah Cardosi; Grade 11: Aksha Matharu, Sonal Matharu, Rose Ramler, Samantha Rhea.

Honor Roll: Grade five: Reagan Krupicka; Grade seven: Annalise Hart, Reuben Kirillov; Grade eight: Thomas Riggs.


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