The elementary academic curriculum focuses on Reading, Arithmetic, Bible, Science, English, Heritage Studies, and Penmanship.  In addition, students from Kindergarten (K5) through 6th grade receive Spanish instruction weekly. The secondary students continue their studies in the standard academic subjects, take two years of Spanish as a requirement of graduation, and are offered a variety of academic electives, including accounting, government, and physics.   The majority of textbooks used at FCA are published by either Bob Jones University Press or A Beka Book Publications. Both of these publishers are well known for their high academic standards as well as their Biblically-based philosophy of education. All subject matter is presented as God’s truth and exalts God as the Creator and Sustainer of life, as well as our Redeemer.

Specials / Electives

Students have a wide variety of specials every week, which include physical education, computers, art, library (elementary students), choir, and music theory.  In addition to these, drama and life skills classes are offered to secondary students.   Students also participate in a statewide competitive fine arts program that begins in the early elementary grades and continues through high school. 

  • Computer lab is part of the curriculum from grades 3 through graduation. Students in grades 3-6 receive weekly computer instruction in the fully-equipped and updated school computer lab where they learn basic Office skills such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Students in grades 7-8 learn keyboarding and basic computer application skills. High school students are required to take a computer class where they learn advanced computer application skills in the Microsoft Office Suite of applications as well as an introduction to web design and computer programming.

  • Choir meets twice a week and have two concerts a year—a Christmas and spring concert. They also participate in a fine arts competition in March.

  • Yearbook class is available for high school students interested in learning how to manage, design, and publish our full color yearbook using online software provided by our yearbook company, Balfour.

  • Additional electives include drama, accounting, and physics.

  • Fine Arts Competitions – Students in 1st through 12th grades may participate in Bible, fine arts, and academic competitions sponsored by the Maryland Association of Christian Schools.


Students in K5 – 12th grades participate in a weekly chapel which includes singing, preaching, and testimonies. Students are challenged to live according to Bible principles by godly speakers who understand the challenges and opportunities that students face.  A spiritual emphasis week is also a highlight of the year as a youth evangelist ministers to the student body for a week of special chapels.

Preschool & Kindergarten Schedule

Our preschool program is packed with activities. As these precious children prepare for their elementary-school days, they also learn a respect for the Lord, their teachers, and their classmates. Click the links below to read a schedule for each program.