School Supplies Lists

Click here to access the school supplies lists for preschool through high school (located under the Parents tab). 

Christian Service Requirements

FCA recognizes the efforts of our students to meet the standards set to support Christian leadership and service in our youth.  Students must earn a minimum requirement of 50 hours of service while in grades 9-12.  Service hours must be recorded and submitted to the school office using the provided form.

Work Permits

The state of Maryland requires a work permit to be issued for any minor ages 14-17 who desires to have a job. You can visit the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation’s website for complete, official information. To assist our students, we have provided a summary of the steps below.

  • Visit DLLR’s website to download the PDF of the Work Permit Application.
  • Complete top section of application.
  • Ask potential employer to complete middle section of application.
  • Ask your parents to sign the application.
  • Go back to DLLR’s website to complete the online application.  (If you are not able to complete the application online, Dr. Parker will assist you at school.)
  • Print out your online application receipt.
  • Make an appointment to see Dr. Parker at school and bring your online application receipt with you.
  • Dr. Parker will approve the work permit and give you the paperwork for your employer.